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Callaloo is more or less like spinach, though people will swear that it’s totally different. It does have a distinct taste and is very savory. It’s not as sharp as spinach, but with more creamy notes. It’s smoother and rounder in taste, than spinach.

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STEAMED CALLALOO with tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs and scotch bonnet pepper is a favourite by many for breakfast or as a side dish with lunch/ dinner. Why not try something new-Callaloo Juice


2 bundles Food Basket Callaloo
Piece of ginger/ lime if you prefer


Remove the thin film from the Callaloo stalks. Wash thoroughly in salt water and then under fresh tap water.
Cut in small pieces and place in the blender with water, ginger/ lime juice and a small amount of sugar. Blend and strain. Put in fridge to cool. Serve and Enjoy!

It’s great for your immune system.
High in iron (2x the amount in broccoli)
High in calcium (4x the amount in broccoli)
Vitamin C
Super Rich in antioxidants