17 Mile Post

Food Basket Farm provides a wide range of farm produce, salads and herbs, some of them unique in Jamaïca. The agriculture industry is expanding in Jamaïca, however there is no ready access to a wide variety of seedlings, thereby limiting farmers. Food Basket Farm also has an advantage in terms of the location, cool climate and the richness of the soil.


What is the currency used ?
All items sold on this boutique are in $JMD (jamaican dollars) otherwise specified
Do you have a Terms Policy ?
Yes! Please follow the link here
Is Food Basket delivery day only on Thursday?
Thursday is Food Basket delivery day and if this changes you will be advised accordingly.
Is cash on delivery the only method of payment?
Cash on delivery is the revered method of payment. However check payable to Michael Fox is also acceptable.
What areas does Food Basket deliver to?
Food Basket deliveries are done in corporate Kingston and its surroundings , including up to Stony Hill.
Are special time requests considered?
We understand that our Food Basketers may need delivery in a specific time. This is definitely acceptable as we aim at 100% customer efficiency. Please confirm delivery time (when placing order).
Is there a minimum order?
Based on our free delivery, Food Basket customers are encouraged to order fresh salads herbs and produce with a minimum order value of $800.
Is there a confirmation to follow after ordering?
Yes. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after completing the order online.
How do I change a delivery address (for one specific week)?
Once an account is created the address entered will be the delivery address. If you would like to change this for 1 week please confirm this with foodbasketjamaica@gmail.com.
Are special requests accepted?
Our Food Basket customers are very special to us, so please send any request to foodbasketjamaica@gmail.com.